About me

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Jorge del Casar


I have been leading software development teams for years and working as a technology consultant for large companies. During these years I've been performing Strategy and Innovation functions around software development, being responsible for promoting and helping with:

  • Managing a team of diverse and skilled software engineers with varying levels of expertise
  • Scaling teams from 1 to 100 in 3 years, defining selection processes, and establishing the company culture
  • Conducting check-ins and 1:1 with team members (>50 people)
  • Leading Design Systems development using Web Components​ (e.g. BBVA, SNGULAR)
  • Reducing friction between Design, and Development teams (setting up lean Kanban workflows)
  • Resource efficiency through reuse and automation
  • The continuous improvement of good practices and the efficiency and optimization of the code
  • New solutions and technologies to apply in projects/clients
  • Development of maintainable and reusable software
  • Creating spaces for all developers to innovate